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Glass Railing  And Standoff Pins

Polished, powerful, and discreet — the standoff bracket pin system consists of glass panels held up by 2” round metal pins. The pins may be small and unobtrusive, but don’t underestimate them. Each pin is lightweight and is made from 6061 Aluminum, the same material used for both aircraft and marine fittings. The beauty of standoff bracket pins is that they can run on level or angle runs with seamless consistency. One of the best things about this system? There are no bulky metal pieces to get in the way of your view.

Only about 3/4 of the glass standoff bracket is used to hold up the weight of the glass panels it is supporting. This part is bolted into the mounting surface. Then, once the glass is in place, the rest of the pin is attached to the outer side of the glass panel and twisted into place until the glass is compressed. Each pin is lightweight and is made from 6061 Aluminum, the same material used for both aircraft and marine fittings. Standoff Pins are also able to be powder coated in four different finish options: standard powder coat black, fluoropolymer black, standard powder coat speedboat silver, or fluoropolymer speedboat silver. These pins may be small in size, but you shouldn’t underestimate them. These sturdy pins are side-mounted, much in the same style as the Side Mount Post.  

Glass Railing Post System - Minimalistic Framed Solution

Our Glass Post System combines the undeniable views offered by glass railing with Viewrail’s trademark square posts. It is part of our Signature Railing series, defining the industry standards of premium glass railing as the minimalistic framed solution of choice. The glass post railing system is made up of metal posts and glass clips. Each clip is made from 2205 duplex stainless steel, the same material used for deep sea oil rigs. It grips the glass panels from both sides using rubber pads in between steel plates. Use the clips with normal glass, or secure them to pre-drilled glass with a bolt for extra strength. Almost every post comes with a handrail bracket at the top where wooden or metal handrail can be attached. Choose between a flat top or universal top handrail bracket to decide whether your handrail sits flush against the top of the post, or whether it is elevated above it.

Spigot posts beautifully showcases the possibilities of glass railing, requiring minimal work while maximizing your view. Spigots are made from aluminum and can be finished with a brushed look or colored in 4 other finish options. This glass panel railing system is made up of glass panels and spigot clamps. You will need to use at least two Spigots for every 4’ glass panel. Each one weighs about 7 pounds and measures 7” from bottom to top.

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