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Commercial Glass For Your Business, Bar or Restaurant

iGlass & Mirror inc offers a variety of commercial services ranging from Shelves, doors, divides, white boards, mirrors. iglass projects have included: Pizza Hut, Nick & Sam's Wine Room, University of Toronto, and numerous restaurants, night clubs & fitness facilities. Please contact our office for a free estimate on your commercial projects.

After the extended time we all have had at home due to the  pandemic, you may have realized that you need a good home gym setup! If you’re creating a new workout space in a spare room, garage, or game room, you’ll want to mount mirrors. All professional gyms have mirrors available so that patrons can check their form when exercising, so putting one in your home gym is worth considering.



It’s highly motivating to see the results of regular training when you look in the mirror. You can see the change in the size, shape, and definition of different muscles. You may see that you’ve lost weight, too. Being able to see your results can help keep you motivated to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

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